Sometimes I ask myself what to share here on Instagram. And sometimes nothing comes. This NO-thingness of mine I want to share with you today: I feel like ‚the dramatic times of my life’ are just over and there’s more of a steady emotional line occurring in my life since a few years. Even when I’m sad, when l feel broken hearted, when I am angry or when I feel insecure…. All the waves seam to happen on the surface of the water, and through it all, there is a continues sense of contentment in me which is not influenced by the everchanging waves of life. A contentment and equanimity which is independent of the ups and downs of life’s river passing by. And today when I asked myself: what is most authentic to share right now ? It’s this: the neutral state I am in. Which I have to say still feels new to me, after having lived through a lot of drama. This state right now it feels unspectacular and even boring. Its more of a BEING – state than a defined or opinionated state. It’s more of a NO-thing state. It feel like the space in-be-tween things. I also feel insecure in it but I choose to embrace it. I read about this state as the meditative state, well I guess that’s it ?! It feels beyond identification and beyond my opinions and labels of good or bad. I just am. And that’s it. Just this. And I think this state is so unfamiliar to us as a society cause we are so used to find ourselves in a defined and certain state. I think we are not used to being neutral about things because we’ve been told that we have to feel good or bad need to like something or not like it. But what if we don’t need to be defined ? What if we don’t need to have a specific emotional state ? What if we can just stay right here and now in this neutral state ? Well I guess I am continuing to hang out here for a little longer in this Limbo 😏 Having NO-thing at all to tell you. Do you get me ? You know this feeling ?