The yoga tradition says we, as humans exists as a two folded being, we are a sum up of the fundamental energy of the moon and the sun. Which is speaking in codes, Moon = Consciousness/Mind and Sun = Energy/Prana.

In Hatha Yoga we want to work with those two energy’s, meeting them in the middle using our breath to cultivate more energy / sun light in order to affect our mind / moon and using our awareness our mind to connect with source. You can give that source also other names, depending on what you believe in: God, Allah, Buddha nature, universe or universal consciousness.

In order to experience ourselves, in the deeper and subtle layers of our being, we first of all have to slow down our practices and our yoga teaching. As teachers and students, in both cases we have to slow down. Slowing down sounds so easy, but its not, especially when we are used to practice and teach in a faster way. But the real jewels are hidden in the slow, and that doesn’t mean lame, but in a mindful way of practicing yoga.

I love yoga and this path I am on here as a teacher and student of yoga at The Practice Bali. I feel so grateful and happy to be part of what the yoga tradition wants for us: Cultivating a stable mind with a radiant open heart. Becoming a mentally, emotional stable being – calm but energized. The marriage of the Moon & the Sun!

I would love to see you all soon here in Bali at THE PRACTICE in one of my Hatha Yoga Classes, experiencing the subtler layers of who you are, through asana, pranayama and meditation.

Wanda Badwal