The journey of the yogi is one for the brave ones.

Its about becoming what is called a bhakta – a faithful one.

Moving from fear towards love. From contraction towards expansion.From doubts towards trust.

Moving out and away from the voices and limiting believes inside of us that hold us small and that keep us below our capacity to thrive and shine our light into this world.

And yes it takes courage to open our hearts to the unknown and to scream YES I am ready! As we open our arms to all possibilities ahead. Its fucking scary to be brave.

And brave doesn’t mean to have no fear but it is to do it anyway.

Especially in times where life shakes us up and everything seams to be chaotic we should feel the fear and move towards what scares us most.

Where there is the fear there is the way, and what scares us will liberate us.

The journey of the yogi is moving out of old repetitive patterns which hold us back from our own potential, and see where is the biggest growth.

Stepping up the game and into our own largeness, into our greatness is scary, because it means also to become vulnerable – To Say: Look at me, here I am with a wide open expansive heart, that is my gift and thats what I am sharing with you and the world. It”s free falling.

But when you feel into your heart, right now, and ask yourself what scares you the most at the moment ?! Is it the new relationship thats moving towards you and you are scared to fully commit and become vulnerably ? Is it leaving your old job and not knowing what comes next cause you realize your job just makes you sick !? And it doesn’t have to be big, maybe it is just super scary to break out of the reactive pattern of your own behavior that you repeat again and again and you know they are actually destructive!?

So whatever it is that scares you, and be super honest with yourself, do THAT thing!

Do it and jump, jump into the unknown, let go with a faithful heart – become a BHAKTA.

Trust and have faith that the universe, that god has a plan for you.

Have faith that there is a bigger picture we can’t see yet in our narrow mind.

Open yourself to all possibilities ahead, being open to the BIG PICTURE picture and play it BIG.

Step into the Power of your own Light, and don”t wait ,do it now, NOW is the time!

Sending you all Infinite Love & Graditude