Looking over my instagram account I realized that I am mostly posting about the bright sides of life. And of cause we prefer to look at the pretty things. But I also see it as my responsibility to start speaking about the things that make me sad, that worry me and that I stand up for. The reality is we live in dark times, that’s what even the yoga tradition qoutes about the time called kali yuga the age of the deamon Kali it is the time of destruction and great changes. It is also time for humanity to wake the fuck up to change the course of our ship of consciousness. I believe we as humans have been given great power, the power of choice. We can still make a difference, each one of us. And it’s starts with the smallest things, with your everyday choices, and we have to understand that our choices matter. We create our world with our choices and what we allow continue.

I decided to become a vegetarian at an age of 10 years old when my girlfriend and me had our own rabbits and ginnipigs. We where obsessed by spending hours feeding them dandelion and watching them walking into their little huts in their free living enclosure. The love we felt for our little friends undoubtedly lead to the conclusion: we choose to stop eating meat. How absurd it is to eat your friend, right?!

I believe that we are all born with an open heart that feels compassion for other beings in pain.But we have been numbed and brainwashed by society and the industry for what we think is ‚normal’ and we silently accept the standards of animal treatments. Many scientists and spiritual leader call the human race the most cruel of all species.Who are we to be so ignorant thinking we can make other beings our slaves and use them for our advantage?! Our hearts are closed. Humans often disgust me.These animals you see here we have given the name pig. But first of all they are souls. Souls worthy living, souls worthy being treated respectful and loving.

These pictures I took in Bali. In most of the developing countries you can openly see how animals are treated and most tourist react shocked about it. But this post is not about the cuelty of Bali, cause in Europe the same things happen just more hidden, the animal transports happen at night.These pigs are raised in this cage since there where babies, they get fed till they are grown into the cage and ready to get butchered. They get transported in the burning sun of 45 degrees, no water trapped in their own shit.Waiting for their destiny to get killed.A life in a cage, being pissed on, the butt rubbed bloody.No one who gives them love.In our mass farming animals get treated the same way, living in their own shit, get fed medication and antibiotics. And this is the meat we eat. A cadaver. A being that has experienced mainly pain and fear in its life.

So it’s not surprising we live in a world governed by fear. As we eat fear we become fear. We are what we eat.So YOU can make a change by the simple choice of stopping to eat meat. Or at least to reduce and choose from a biological farmer where the animal had a fair and happy life.

As I put my hand on the pig,I said sorry for humans unconsciousness, for humans cruelty and for their closed hearts.I pray that we will wake up.That we will start developing our hearts to awaken love and compassion for each other and each animal on this planet.We are souls on a journey together and we as humans have a responsibility to care for the animals.We create the world we want to live in. It’s YOUR CHOICE!

‘ The little thing you can do is a lot – just by somehow taking pain and fear from one single being ‚ – Schopenhauer.