Some people say you should never promise anything in life and that the reality is even if we do we can’t promise anything, cause life is too uncertain and we never know how life turns out or how things will change.

Yes there is indeed an uncontrolled uncertainty in life, energy fly around us all the time, we live in a co – existence reality of different energys of people, thoughts, spirits… a pool of influences we most of the time can’t even capture.

But as far as our own energy field goes, our life, our body, our mind, the lense we want to look into the world, we can create and we can make choices of how we wanna live.

And we can learn through practices of the yoga tradition like asana meditation, pranayama and mantras how to gain more control over our thoughts and therefore our life.

As I am a loyal and romantic person with high values, I like to give a promise, and its not a promise. I give only to another person but to myself.

Integrity means for me a commitment I give to something, to a person, a work situation or a location. It is in my responsibility to choose this promise over and over again.

To keep our values and commitments higher than temporary desires, gains, or emotions, thats the meaning of integrity for me. That I stay committed to my promise no matter what. For me by giving a promise, I put myself under a “positive pressure“, by positive pressure I mean holding something bigger up, a higher vision of myself, contrary to my lower ego – self that may like to follow temporary desires and gets easily distracted. To keep and choose this promise over and over again thats integrity.

I gave my commitment as a yoga teacher to THE PRACTICE here ein Bali, to our Team and to my partner Octavio, but the most important a commitment to myself. As a yoga teacher I commit myself to authenticity, to honesty, an aware life, to a daily yoga practice, to study,to teach, to learn and to grow – a commitment to become the highest, virsion of myself.

I lived 30 years in Germany in Europe and moved recently to Bali, honestly I underestimated this step totally. I thought moving to paradise can’t be so challenging, right ?! I realize now what a big shift that is for me, moving to Asia, the other side of the world. I worked for over 10 year as a self – employee, always been my own boss, now committing to something so totally is also a new experience for me.

I have to admit it’s not always convenient or easy and it brings a lot of challenges up being a foreigner, a bullet when family and friends are far away and well known environment is wiped away. As I believe, in destiny and the magnetism of things that are meant to be and everything happens just in the right moment in time.

I know I am ready to take this adventure.

I am more willing than ever before to keep INTEGRITY and my COMMITMENT to my own word, a new chapter in my life, a big love and to make a dream become reality.

In deep graditude to THE PRACTICE and all the people who work here for giving me a new home, lots of challenges, a platform to practice, teach and grow everyday.

In LOVE and EXCITEMENT to all what is coming on this great adventure!

Lets ride this wave of integrity!

Yours Wanda