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WORKSHOP: Living from Self-Worth: How to be an unconditional friend to yourself with Rich (english)

We live in a world driven by self-esteem. Our reputation with ourselves is defined by all things external: the things we buy, the way we look, what people think about us. Our career, our income, our achievements.
This relationship is conditional, and driven by our inner critic: always needing to do better, and therefore never enough.

The self-worth journey, just like yoga, is internal. When living from self-worth we are kind to ourselves, no matter what is happening in our external circumstances. Sure, we can still have goals and things to work towards, but when things don’t go our way, we don’t make it personal. Our value has nothing to do with our role or performance, bank balance or relationship status. We can suffer a setback or loss, and quickly pick ourselves up again and move on. We can take rejection and make mistakes. Our relationship with ourselves is unaffected.

What you’ll experience in this workshop:

The two worlds of self-worth & self-esteem
Why self-worth is so important today
The seven shifts to unconditional friendship with yourself
How to develop self-worth for your body and in your relationships
The Yoga of Self-Worth: a meditation and movement practice
Interactive breakout rooms to connect and share your experience


Preis: 39€
Zeit: 14:00-17:00 Uhr 
Datum: Sonntag der 31.10.21



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