My wishes and prayer for you…🙏🏼⭐️

… may you be able to see your divine unique beauty
… may you feel beautiful in your growing, abundant, rounding body
… may you have respect and appreciation for the intelligence of your feminine body
… may you feel the blessing of the wonder you are gifted with
…. may carrying your baby makes you love yourself even more
…. may you care for yourself extra good in this special time
… may you allow to slow down your life pace radically
…. may you and the well-being of your baby become the number one priority in your life
…. may you enjoy each day of this journey
… may you embrace all of your feelings in this transformational process as natural and normal
… may your joy for a new phase of your life grow each day as your belly grows
… may you trust in yourself relentlessly
…. may you feel guided by the love of god
… may you feel held and supported by Mother Earth and all the women in your life
… may you heal the relationship with your own mother
… may you heal the relationship with your inner child
… may you celebrate the initiation from a woman to a mother in your own way
… may you feel strong, powerful and beautiful as the goddess that you are
… and may you know that you are part of a big sisters circle of women that came and birthed before you, we are in this together and we are with you.

May all my wishes come true for you beautiful Mama🙏🏼⭐️😘🤰🏻
In Love, Wanda & Baby Angel 👼