If life breaks your heart, let it break it. Let it break it wide open so that you can feel it all. Feel it all, the tears, the sadness, the anger. Let it out and let it flow. Let the rivers of life flow through you and out of your eyes. Let life break you and make you more soft, more vulnerable, more compassionate. This human life is a f*** vulnerable life, it’s a heart breaking life. To live means to die. From the moment we are born we are destined to die. Life is beautiful and life is terrible. Life is wonderful and life is horrible.The art of living is to hold it all in your heart. The beauty and the horror at the same time. And to not let yourself get bitter. To not let your heart be hardend by the heartbreaks of life. Instead let your heart be softened. Cause a strong heart is a soft and compassionate heart. Bow down to the feet of this mysterious life and be humbled to your bones. Cause the truth is: We know nothing! Stay a wonder child to this life, with your heart wide open, matured by your heart breaks and more compassionate and curious than ever towards yourself and all beings. Let your heartbreaks mature your inner child and keep your heart open wide:⁠ I know nothing, teach me life! What ever comes, my answer is love and to love even more! Om Namaha Shivaya 🙏🏽🔥❤️