SHRADDHA. I carry these Sanskrit letters tattooed in the inside of of my arms. This word means a lot to me. In times of great uncertainty when I walked alone on the beaches of bali at 4am in the morning, crying and alone, I developed this: SHRADDHA. I turned to god in the greatest moments of fear and uncertainty in my life. And I found an unconditional love, I heard a whisper saying: You are so loved, you are cared for. Its all gonna be okay. Each Sanskrit word has many meanings. One of the meanings for Shraddha is: UNSHAKABLE FAITH. It asks from us to have unshakable trust and faith in guidance, in the unknown, in the universe and in a greater plan we can’t even grab with our limited minds. I know its f**ing hard . And a lot to ask from us especially in these uncertain times we live in. But FAITH is something each one of us can develop and lean into in moments of uncertainty and fear. Faith we can find in the depth of our own hearts and in our very personal relationship with the divine. To find faith within yourself you have to become silent and bow down at the feet of life. Faith we can find in moments where we just don’t know what to do next or what’s the right path for us. We can find faith when we crumble to the floor, cry and ask for guidance, we find faith when we surrender to a greater plan we are a part of. And that’s what I wish to all of us right right now, to have and develop faith, have faith in yourself, faith in your path and faith that you are being guided, even if it doesnt always seams so. Instead of fighting this uncomfortable situation, can we lean into it and surrender ? Can we learn to relax into the unknow and practice acceptance ? Can we stop fighting that what which we can’t control and find faith in our hearts ? I wish it for all of us.‚Keep your head up keep your heart strong, oh my my darling’ – as Ben Howard @benhoward_ sings ( by the way one of my favorite songs ever! Perhaps a good time to listen to it again! 😉 ) Sending love and light to all of you, Wanda 🙏🏾☀️