Sometimes I just open my notes and I right down only words, without knowing why. Today I noticed the words I wrote are all the things I need right now, and I feel its all the things that you might need as well. Writing brings clarity, so we can develop understanding and compassion for ourselves and others.⁠

♦️GRATITUDE – for all that we have, the people in our life, our friends & family, how abundant we are, the food, the clothing, the house we live in, we are so blessed⁠

♦️ACCEPTANCE – to what is. Without collapsing but with stopping the inner fighting against what just is right now. Can we surrender into the unknown ?⁠

♦️CLARITY – about what we want to focus our energy on in this life and in these times. Do you want to focus on fear or trust ? ⁠

♦️STABILITY – we need emotional stability. Cultivating inner stability through yoga, pranayama & meditation is more important than ever in these days. Our personal practice is the base for the rest of our day. ⁠

♦️FAITH – have faith in yourself, in guidance, in god, in this life, trust into the unknown, you are taken care of.⁠

♦️COMPASSION – to ourselves and others, for what everyone goes through right now. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself. We are all in this together.⁠

♦️SELFCARE – Care extra good for yourself in these days, be loving towards yourself and others but don’t take other peoples shit.

♦️SELFRESPONSIBILITY – witness your emotions, watch where you make others responsible for your own process and don’t project your frustration onto others. Be grateful for the people you have in your life, we need our friends more than ever. ⁠

♦️LAUGHTER – if you turn on the news you can feel pretty heavy right now. Its not about avoiding what is, but don’t forget to laugh especially when its hard. ⁠Dance, put on good music, sing and laugh allow yourself to be joyful. ⁠

My friends, lets be extra sweet and loving towards each other right now. The reality is, you don’t know what the other person is going through. You just don’t know!⁠ So lets be extra kind and compassionate towards each other and dance out our frustration. Peace & Love Wanda✌🏽🌼