Not only physically but more importantly mentally and emotionally. This is where the real gems 💎 of yoga are to find. In how strong, how resilient, how focused we can train our Mind to become. Cause training the body is relatively ‘easy’ training the mind is way harder. It’s easy for us to run fast and lift weight, but how still can you sit in your own discomfort and focus solely on our breath? This is the real mastery of yoga. How much are we able to focus our own mind onto one single thing. How present can we stay in one single Asana, and really own it ? How still can we stand when the storms of life hit us? And how able are we to focus on the ‘right things’ in life, the thing we are truly here for to do, and not get distracted by the sweet temptations this external world has in store for us? This is what the real mastery of yoga is all about: Training our body and mind to become stable and strong. As in a stable and strong body can live a stable and strong mind. How do we get there? Through Practice! Daily! Challenge yourself (Tapas) go slow in your Asana practice, be steady hold poses longer then you want to, align your pose, soften your eye gaze, breathe deeply, extend the inhale and exhale, sit still in meditation, enjoy & repeat