Our soul has always been there, from the very first moment and even before we where born. Yet over the years the mind and ours ego’s voices got loud and louder and our souls voice gotten quieter and quieter.So how do we know our soul is speaking to us ?Or how do we know we are not living in alignment with our soul ? Let’s make it very practical: Whenever you are trying to force something in your life to make it happen because your mind concepts and believes tell you so ‚Thats what you have to do‚ or ‚Thats what you always wanted, so why are you not happy?!— that’s ego speaking. When you try to force a job you thought is your dream job, when you try to force a relationship that you thought is your dream partner. Anything that needs to be forced is not in alignment with your soul purpose. Because what’s meant for you will not miss you, trust that 🙌🏾✨Soul doesn’t like forcing, soul works in the realm of relaxation, ease, contentment, joy and peace. Soul doesnt work under pressure, cause soul has unlimited time and space.There is no destiny to reach and no place to go. Soul lives in the eternal trust that everything just works out just perfectly in time, at the right time. So how can you listen more to your soul ? Meditate: Become quiet! Still your minds voices. Sit down, close your eyes. Become aware of your breath, flowing in and out. Focus a few minutes on your breath. Relax your body and mind. Sit quiet for a few moments. And then ask and listen. You can ask questions like: my dear soul, what message to you have for me right now ? What do I need to know ?Or: What is my next step in this situation ?Ask and listen. Listen with your whole being. What do you feel ? Sense, See or Hear as a response ?The soul talks to us in many different ways, some of us are more visual, some more auditive, some more kinesthetic.It’s our job to find out how our soul communicates with us.Also listen to signs that you get in your everyday life such as numbers, words, a lyric of a song text as a response to your question.Our soul is constantly guiding us and its our job to listen and get out of the egos way. How is your soul talking to you?