ONE DAY…it will be the last day you throw rose petals into a lake. One Day will be the last day you walk barefoot through the grass.One day will be the last day you hear the birds sing when you wake up. One day will be the last time you look into the face of your loved ones. And one day will be the last day you breathe out. One day will be the last day of your life. – We all know this, one day all of this will end, yet we humans are successfully suppressing this painful truth on a daily basis. Our days and moments in this body are counted from the moment we are born our human body is destined to fall apart.Its the undiniable cycle of life we underlie.Life is a continuous process of Letting Go.Letting go of this body, our youth, our animals and the people we love.Sometimes I think its good that we don’t know the exact number of how often we will be still able to cuddle our dog, or how often we will wake up in the morning or have a talk with our mum. Yet wouldn’t we be more present, more loving if we knew? The buddhists say we should think about death everyday, not in order to get depressed but the opposite.To be really joyful.To be really grateful. For this one day alive. To appreciate every moment of this life. In order to be really AWAKE to this moment and be present in every interaction.The practice of mindfulness, is a practice to be one with what we do in each moment. The Buddhist say: when I walk I walk, when I eat I eat when I wash the dishes I wash the dishes. So that in the end of this life you won’t have the feeling of ‚Damn I missed my life‘. Life is beautiful and life is brutal. Life is joyful and life is painful.To love means to hold both of these realities at the same time.To open our heart to another being holds in itself the possibility for heartbreak, the day we have to let go. To hold our hearts wide open to the reality of love and pain is the practice of life. May we continue to love even when our heart feel broken. The taste of life, is bitter sweet. Please love as much as you can.Tell people how much you care and spend more time cuddling your dog then scolling on your phone. Its your life, NOW!